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Welcome to the Media Department
2021 - 2022

Mrs Kate Shawyer
Media Curriculum Leader


The team: Alison Russell-Webb           Lead Teacher
                       Sam Khan                                   Teacher

Introduction to the Department:

In the Media department we aim to make students aware of how the media surrounding their lives manipulates thoughts and ideas that they have, and how the products are constructed to do that. Students will also be required to look at media products in the past and to look at how, and why, changes have taken place. Students will also be required to construct their own Media products and apply theories to them.

Key Stage 4 Information:

Media in Year 9 is used as a foundation year to prepare students for the GCSE Media Course in Years 10 & 11 and will focus mainly on the theories that students will need to apply to products in Year 10 & 11.

The following Units of work are explored across the Year during Year 9:

Unit Title



Trailers, sound, posters, franchises, storyboarding, camera angles, representations and theories.

Video Games

Development, gratification theories, representations and theories.


Industry, representation, conventions and target audiences – during this module students will also begin studying two of the Set products for their final exams.

Popular Music

Industry, representations, target audiences and stereotypes, video conventions and narratives – this will also lead into Set Products for the students’ final exams

For each of the modules listed above students will be required to address a brief and produce their own product.

In year 10 & 11 students go on to study the Set Products issued by the exam board in preparation for their final exam.

In Year11 the exam board also issues the final briefs for Students to complete, independently in class, which make up 30% of their final GCSE grade.

Examination Board used:

We follow the Eduqas exam board.

Qualification to be obtained:

GCSE Media (9-1)