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The transition from primary to secondary school is made much easier by the warm, caring and supportive atmosphere at Eggar’s.  We are smaller than the average school in the area and that allows us to know all our students really well.  This not only creates a fantastic support network throughout all year groups but also generates a welcoming and engaging school community.

To make the transition to Eggar’s as smooth as possible, we work with you as closely as possible in the run-up to September and the start of the new school year.  We meet the children and their Year 6 teachers at their school in the summer term.  Students are also invited to a summer transition camp at the start of the summer holidays to get to know their tutor group and the school site, whilst taking part in a range of exciting activities.

Transition continues once the students commence in September with a range of support packages to help those who have found the start of secondary school life more difficult.  Our pastoral team will keep in touch, and we will work hard to ensure your child becomes a happy and confident Eggar's student. 

Any questions?
Please email or call (01420) 541194 


Key dates 2021
We have a comprehensive transition programme to ensure that there are no surprises for your child as they begin this next phase of their education. 

Monday 5 July: Parents Induction Meeting
More information to follow.

Tuesday 6 July: Shuffle up day (Induction Day) 
During the day your child will meet their new tutor and tutor group and experience some fun lessons.

26 – 30 July: Summer Camp
This year our Summer Camp will take place between Monday 26 and Friday 30 July 2021. There is no cost involved, and we hope all our new students will attend. 

The most important days to attend will be the Monday and Tuesday. These two days help children to bond with each other and make new friends. It is a relaxed environment that generally includes activities in Art, Food, Design Technology and lots of outdoor Sport. 

The Department for Education is supporting us with our Camp this year, and we can extend our usual experience to include Wednesday 28, Thursday 29 and Friday 30 July 2021. We encourage our new students to attend these additional three days which includes more exciting activities and a BBQ on the final day at 12:30. More details to follow.