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Curriculum and Assessment

The purpose for education at Eggar's School

Our curriculum:

  • challenges and supports all, to be ambitious and achieve their potential.
  • is inclusive, broad and balanced, covering the national curriculum/exam specifications.
  • is enjoyable, engaging, relevant and flexible, adapting to individual needs and interests.
  • develops innovative and enterprising lifelong learners, prepared for their next steps.
  • provides enriching experiences within and beyond the classroom which develop knowledge and cultural capital.
  • promotes extensive personal development and is literacy/numeracy rich.

We intend for students to leave Eggar’s:  

  • with wide general knowledge together with rich specialist knowledge of the subjects they have studied which they can apply creatively.
  • intellectually curious, with an appetite for learning and the skills to learn effectively.
  • ambitious to succeed in the next phase of their lives having made well-informed judgements about the paths open to them.
  • inspired to make a continuous positive contribution to their communities.

For subject specific information on intent, content, assessment etc please visit the ‘Curriculum Areas’ link.