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Welcome to Health & Social Care Department
2023 - 2024


Mrs Clare Daish 
Health & Social Care Curriculum Leader

Miss Cathy Vickers        Teacher
Mrs Carly McCready    Teacher

Who is the qualification for?

Health and Social Care is an option subject available for students in Years 9 to 11. The qualification will develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills that would be used in the health and social care sector.

You may be interested in studying this if you want to use what you learn in practical, real life situations, such as:

  • Recommending support for individuals.
  • Creating and delivering a creative activity
  • Creating and delivering a health promotion campaign.

This will help you to developed independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the health and social care sector.

The qualification will also help you to develop learning and skills that can be used in other life and work situations, such as:

  • Communicating effectivity with individuals or groups. Communication is at the heart of health and social care and is taught or applied in all units.
  • Researching topic areas and recoding research sources, then using them to interpret findings and present evidence.
  • Planning creative activities or health promotion campaigns, this will involve managing time and identifying aims, purpose, resources, methods.
  • Creating, presenting/delivering information to a group or an individual.

What will you study as part of the qualification?

You will study the aspects of health and social care, and have the opportunity to apply what you learn through a number of practical experiences. This will involve the studying to two mandatory units and one optional unit.

The two mandatory units are:

R032: Principles of care in health and social care settings

This unit is assessed by an exam. In this unit you will learn about the key topics that are important when caring for and protecting people in health and social care.

Topics include:

  • Topic Area 1 The rights of service users in health and social care settings
  • Topic Area 2 Person-centred values
  • Topic Area 3 Effective communication in health and social care settings
  • Topic Area 4 Protecting service users and service providers in health and social care settings.

RO33: Supporting individuals through life events

This unit is assessed by a Set Assignment. In this unit you will learn about growth and development through the life stages. You will also learn how to understand the needs of individuals who have been affected by life events and how to recommend support to meet their needs. Topics include:

  • Topic Area 1 Life stages
  • Topic Area 2 Impacts of life events
  • Topic Area 3 Sources of support

There are two optional units and students will study one of these. The class teacher will decide on the most appropriate unit.

R034: Creative and therapeutic activities

This unit is assessed by a Set Assignment. In this unit you will research therapies and learn about how they can benefit people. You will also learn about the benefits of creative activities and you will plan and deliver a creative activity to a group or individual.

Topics include:

  • Topic Area 1 Therapies and their benefits 
  • Topic Area 2 Creative activities and their benefits
  • Topic Area 3 Plan a creative activity for individuals or groups in a health or social care setting
  •  Topic Area 4 Deliver a creative activity and evaluate your own performance


R035: Health promotion campaigns

This unit is assessed by a Set Assignment. In this unit you will research health promotion campaigns and learn about their benefits to society. You will also plan and deliver your own health promotion campaign.

Topics include:

  • Topic Area 1 Current public health issues and the impact on society
  • Topic Area 2 Factors influencing health
  • Topic Area 3 Plan and create a health promotion campaign
  • Topic Area 4 Deliver and evaluate a health promotion campaign

What knowledge and skills will you develop as part of this qualification and how might these be of use and value in further studies?

To work in a health or social care setting, it is essential to understand the rights of individuals, person-centred values and how they can be applied. This qualification will help you to develop this knowledge and to understand the importance of effective communication skills when working in these settings. You will also develop the skills needed to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for those in care. These skills will help you progress onto further study in the health and social care sector. This may be Level 3 vocational qualifications, such as the Cambridge Technical in Health and Social Care: A levels in psychology, biology or sociology and the following apprenticeships:

  • Adult care worker
  • Allied Health Profession Support
  • Health and Social Care
  • Healthcare science assistant
  • Maternity and Paediatric Support

It is anticipated that this qualification will also enable you to progress onto a T Level, such as Health and Healthcare Science, when they are available. The diagram below shows the possible progression routes for your further study:

How are you graded in Health and Social Care?

All results are awarded on the following scale:

  • Distinction* at Level 2 (*2)
  • Distinction at Level 2 (D2)
  • Merit at Level 2 (M2)
  • Pass at Level 2 (P2)
  • Distinction at Level 1 (D1)
  • Merit at Level 1 (M1)
  • Pass at Level 1 (P1).

OCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National