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Student Leadership

Introducing our new Student Leadership Team

As they start their final year at Eggar’s, our Head student leaders for 2023/24 have been telling us why the school and their role is so important to them.

Head Students: Sophia and Lauren


Throughout my time here at Eggar’s, I have experienced many new things all of which has helped me to grow educationally and personally. I have developed skills such as confidence and perseverance and this has allowed me to flourish within the Eggar’s community. Eggar’s has been the perfect school for me to discover my hopes and dreams for my future and how to get there.

It’s safe to say that upon joining Eggar's School I was a very quiet and shy individual. This all changed after being immersed in the supportive environment and strong sense of community the school offers. I was given the confidence to come out of my shell and the space to find out who I am as a maturing young adult. I feel the endless opportunities and exciting experiences, not only helped me to grow academically but also mentally, into the version of myself I aspire to be. 

The Student Leadership Team

Our new Deputy Head Students:

Charlie, Niamh and Will.

Senior Prefects:

Polly, Nathaniel, Alison and Evie.