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Able & Talented

At Eggar’s School we provide our academically most able students with access to broad, balanced and challenging curriculum opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential. Academically most able students are identified in Year 7 and form part of a Student Voice group which meets regularly with the Able and Talented Student coordinator at intervals throughout the academic year. This group discusses provision, individual requirements and good practice; their academic performance is carefully monitored and they are given extensive extra-curricular enrichment opportunities. These opportunities may take the form of school groups and clubs, external and internal competitions, and trips and visits:

  • Arkwright Scholarship Programme – Eggar’s School
  • GCSE Statistics – Eggar’s School
  • Magistrates Mock Trial Competition
  • Monthly Lecture Club – Eggar’s School
  • PE trip to sports laboratories – Bath University
  • Rotary Club Youth Speaks Competition – UCA, Farnham
  • Scholars Programme – The Brilliant Club, Various Universities
  • Sports Leaders Qualification – Eggar’s School and Treloars
  • St John’s College taster day – Oxford University
  • STEM Science trip – Qinetiq Farnborough
  • Student & parent skills conference – Alton College
  • Subject Master Classes – Alton College
  • TeenTech - Basingstoke
  • UK Maths Challenge

While we recognise the needs of our academically most able students, we also recognise that all students at Eggar’s School have the potential to excel in some curriculum areas.

In order to provide opportunities for the full range of their abilities and talents we challenge all our students to take part in additional activities through The Eggar’s Experience that extends and enriches their learning, promotes high attainment and good progress and equips them with a broad range of life skills.

For more information please contact Mrs R Lynch via stating MAT in the subject line.



The Eggar’s Experience encourages all our students to become involved in at least ten key activities during their five years at Eggar’s School. These activities are designed to equip them with a range of key life skills in order to become more rounded and skilled individuals and therefore better equipped for further education and employment.

Eggar’s students are expected to keep a digital record of the key challenges they are involved in. This record of achievement is regularly reviewed.

Eggar’s School continues to strive to further the provision for all our students to provide them with the skills for further education and employment.

One of our latest initiatives is an application for the NACE Challenge Award. This prestigious award is given by the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE), a leading national education organisation. The association exists to help the daily work of teachers providing for students with high abilities whilst enabling all to flourish.