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  The inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA)

         Bronze                                                                      Silver                                                                         Gold


In Computer Science we want to offer a broad and balanced offer in our curriculum and like to enrich this offer with opportunities in addition to the learning shared within the classroom. 

As part of our KS3 curriculum students will have the opportunity to engage in The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA). It is an international award-winning programme that will provide students with skills and knowledge to develop digital, enterprise and employability skills through an online platform. 

The programme has a similarity to the Duke of Edinburgh award and allows students to work towards a Bronze, Silver and in the future a Gold Award, which is still in development. 

Students are presented with a range of challenges that are split into badges and are attempted to gain assigned points that will add to their running total. The programme starts with the Bronze award. It requires students to work towards achieving 250 points from a range of badges splits between: Citizen, Worker, Maker, and Entrepreneur, Gamer and Independent.

The badge categories will range from Cyber Security, Safe use of social media, Innovation to Influensers, Games development and Big Data. Students are really introduced to wide range of skills that will support them with their endeavours beyond school and into Post-16 education. 

On completion of the Bronze and Silver Awards, students are award a certificate to showcase their achievements. Alongside this, students are able issued a record of achievement to show which skills and knowledge they have engaged with throughout the programme. 

We are thrilled to be offering the iDEA programme to our KS3 students and best of all this programme is absolutely free and provides a great opportunity to support skills for their futures. 

If you would like to find more information about the programme, click this link: