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Year 9 Curriculum Re-selection Information

Welcome to the Year 9 Curriculum Re-selections Page

In this section, you will find a range of information regarding the Year 9 re-selection process.

We aim to support all students in making fully informed and aspirational options selections in Year 8 and Year 9. We expect all students to study a broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to progress onto post 16 studies and beyond.

Our KS4 curriculum is divided into compulsory core subjects and a choice of options subjects. Most students will study 5 option subjects in Year 9, which decreases to 4 option subjects in Year 10.

It is important for students to consider carefully which subjects they wish to continue to study in Year 10. Please note the below.

  • Students can only continue to study subjects they have started in Year 9
  • We cannot guarantee that the subjects student re-select, will be possible; although we will do out very best.
  • Students must continue to study at least 1 EBAC options subject (Language, History, Geography or Computer Science)
  • We cannot guarantee that your current class group or teacher from year 9 options groups, is continued into Year 10.

To support students through their subject re-selections, we will follow the below process.

Please note, the dates and arrangement below are subject to change.

STEP 1: Carefully consider your Year 9 options subjects; speak to your family and teachers about the subjects you currently study. Consider your most recent progress review, feedback from your teachers and your plans for post 16 study.

STEPS 2: Do some research before the process begins by using the Careerpilot website:

STEP 3: Attend the Year 9 Re-selections Parent Webinar on Tuesday 01 March 2022. Date and arrangements TBC.

STEP 4: During assembly on Thursday 3 March, receive your customised Year 9 re-selections form. Take home and discuss with your parents.

STEP 5: The FINAL step is to complete the Re-selections Form and return to tutors by Thursday 28 April 2022