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Although this was written by Joan Sallis many years ago, it continues to be true for trustees of an academy:

"The role of the school trustee is to

  • support the school, but not uncritically
  • explain its policies to parents and the community, but not blindly
  • watch its standards, but with care, humility and an open mind
  • help settle its disputes fairly and conscientiously
  • oversee its policies and its use of the resources, but not in tiresome detail.

But you should do these things as a Trustee Body, not as an individual trustee, and in all such matters you should act with knowledge and understanding of the school."

From 'A Working Partnership' by Joan Sallis, governor and regular contributor to the Times Educational Supplement

The Trustee Body is responsible for ensuring that it is run to promote student achievement. It works in partnership with the Senior Leadership team to:

  • Set strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • Set and approve the school budget
  • Review progress against the school’s budget and objectives to ensure value for money

Trustees also help to provide:

  • Strong links between the school and the Alton area
  • A wide experience of the outside world
  • An independent view
  • A visible form of accountability for the Head Teacher and staff of the school
  • A team focusing on long term development and improvement
  • Accountability to the community for the use of resources and the standards of teaching and learning in the school
  • Support and challenge for the Head Teacher and staff