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Introducing ...

Mrs Shadbolt, Lead Practitioner in Maths

• Where did you teach/work before coming to Eggar's
Farnham Heath End School

• First memory of teaching? 
Working in an all-boys school in Stratford. It was a little over whelming at times as most of the students were taller than me.  Once I got over that, I saw them as students who wanted to learn, and we had the best time in lessons. They taught me to find my inner loud voice.

• First impression of Eggar's?
Lovely school, lots of green space. Students are very humorous and caring. One student made the effort to come and find me to wish me Happy Birthday; that is how you know you're at a great school with wonderful students. Being a teacher is so much more than just a subject; it is about enriching students' lives and helping them become the best version of themselves, and learning from them also.

• What's the best thing about teaching? 
Helping students see that maths is not scary! That light bulb moment, when it finally clicks and students can show they understand.

• What is your favourite food?
Anything I haven't had to cook or clear up after! I don't think I could name a specific food, but my favourite food is when I get to eat it with my family. The laughter and smiles make anything taste better.

• What is your favourite animal and why?  
Hippopotamus! They are so cute and cuddly!! But cross them and they are very vicious.

• When you’re not being a teacher, what do you do? 
My time is taken up being a mum.  I have a daughter at University and 5-year old twins, so a lot of time is spent at the park, or anywhere they fancy going.

• What was the last book you read? 
Winnie the Witch - a bed time story!

• If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why?
A fruit tree, probably a plum! I can be sweet at times but then I'm also a bit of a plum sometimes.