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Introducing ...

Miss Bilsland, Teacher of PE

With the arrival of several new members of staff this term, we thought we’d introduce a few of them to you with a quick Q&A.  First up is Miss Bilsland:

• Where did you teach/work before coming to Eggar's?  
I completed my teacher training at Perins school last year. 

• First impression of Eggar's? 
Lovely school community with great facilities. All the staff are lovely and supportive. 

• What's the best thing about teaching?  
Helping others learn and develop new skills. 

• What is your favourite food? 

• What is your favourite animal and why?   
A Golden Retriever because if I was to be any animal, that is what I would be!

• When you’re not being a teacher, what do you do?  
I play a lot of sport, help on the family farm and lots of baking. 

• What was the last book you read?  
Grown Ups by Marian Keyes 

• Any other interesting facts?  
I play cricket for Wales Senior Women’s cricket team, I've travelled around parts of South-East Asia and I have 250 chickens.  (My family runs a farm in Herriard!)