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Maths Easter Egg Competition

Egg-cellent maths challenge ...

In the final week of the Spring term, Years 7 and 8 took part in the Great Maths Easter Egg Competition. This was a maths optimisation problem, where students had to find a circular route around Norfolk of 250 miles or less, whilst collecting as many Easter Eggs as possible.  

Many students were able to find a route, practising their maths at the same time! However the real challenge was to find a route and collect over 80 eggs

The following students found a viable route with the most eggs in their maths class:

Year 7
Darcey C.
Alana M.
Ella V.
Evie H.
Gabriel S.
Andrea S.
Finn W.
Cam G.

Year 8
Flynn W.
Harry W.
Chloe P.
Eleanor T.
Isabella C.
Isaac E.
India S.
Grace H.

A few of the students found a route collecting 84 eggs but those finding a unique route, collecting an amazing 85 eggs were Finn W and Cam G in Year 7.
(Pictured above on the last day of term).