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Carpentry Crazy

Catching the carpentry bug!

Four students have attended every session of the Eggar's Experience Furniture Making Club / Woodwork Club.  Helena, Ella, Amber and Aaron were invited to our annual Weekend Woodwork Masterclass in Year 7, caught the carpentry bug and now in Year 10 they haven't looked back! 

During this time, they have made a Rennie Mackintosh chair, a table, a jewellery box, a full size balloon basket for 'The Wizard of Oz' school production, and a dovetailed clock.

Pictured here are Helena, Ella and Aaron. They are now working on a hexagonal shelving system with pyrographic decoration. Incredible work!

They all have a really high skill level, using the tools with an impressive level of accuracy, and they have developed a lovely feel for the material. Mr Waite couldn't be more proud!