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Introducing ...

Rebecca Wood … our Student Support Coordinator

Rebecca joined Eggar's last term, and we thought it was about time we found out a bit more about her!

First memory of teaching?
I’m not a teacher but I have taught Taekwondo and yoga for many years. My first memory of teaching Taekwondo is realising that I had to swap my left and right so that I could teach in mirror image. This now means I get my lefts and rights confused all the time!

First impression of Eggar's?
Friendly, welcoming and lively.

What's the best thing about teaching?
Hearing students’ ideas. Teaching is a two-way activity.

What is your favourite animal and why?
My favourite animal is an otter. They are playful, mischievous and intelligent. I saw one in the wild for the first time this year when on holiday in the Outer Hebrides.

When you’re not being our Student Support Coordinator, what do you do?
I love to travel and explore different countries and cultures. I am also studying to become a Medicinal Herbalist which involves lots of Chemistry and Biology!

Any other interesting facts?
I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and was a member of the England squad for sparring and patterns. I won a silver medal in the World Cup for patterns (sequences of defensive and offensive moves against an imaginary opponent) and special technique (jumping very high and performing a powerful kick to a target).