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Amazing home-built guitar

The next Brian May? 

A really impressive Design & Technology project has just been completed at home by Dan H: an electric guitar which works beautifully!  He designed it, ordered and shaped the rectangular block of wood for the body, ordered the neck/head but even reshaped the head.  He did all the soldering work, electronics, drilling, effects, intonation, the painting and stringing. 

It was a challenging project and frustrating at times, but Dan was determined to solve any issues that arose. 

Mr Waite, Curriculum Leader for Design & Technology, commented:
I’ve made quite a few guitars with students over the years and I know how immensely difficult it is. This is one of the best I’ve seen!  When I saw the photos it reminded me of Brian May making his ‘Red Special’ when he was a child and how that guitar then became his treasured and priceless possession later on in life.  I hope it will be the same for Daniel.'  

 It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. Congratulations Dan