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Great Alumni Advice

An insight into possible career pathways after leaving Eggar's ...

There's nothing better than the voice of experience and several of our former students have just sent in some fascinating snapshots of  their current working lives. 
They give details on how they got into their careers and the sort of experience and qualifications they needed. From architect to lead nurse,  the variety of jobs is amazing.

Here's a snapshot of some their advice:

Just by taking opportunities and working hard can help you achieve anything you want. 
(Freddie Hodkin, Respite Carer)

If you enjoy making and creating, and you are interested in how things are made, and have a natural curiosity to explore new places and to understand why they are as they are, then architecture may be for you. (Jonathan Pile, Architect)

For the most part, education is what you make of it. Find what you are passionate about and pursue it, follow your obsessions. Make the most of the things that interest you. (Ellora Sutton, Poet)

If you’re not 100% sure what you want to do now, that’s OK ... you will know one day. In the meantime, work as hard as you can, and get the best grades you can while you have the opportunity – you never get this time back.
(Wendy O’Dell Callaway, Director, Chartered Accountant)

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