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Maths Unplugged

From symmetry "critters" to towel art ...

There were some really interesting and creative contributions to Maths Unplugged in the final week of term. The challenge was to get out and about and do something that was not screen based.  All Year Groups were asked to give one task a try from a list which included:

• Design a  “critter” or pattern using natural ingredients
• Make a Maths kite - maybe decorating it with Maths symbols and formulae and get it to fly. 
• Find the oldest tree in your garden or park 
• Create animals with clever folding of towels or paper 
• Create and play your own version of “Hopscotch” 
• Design your own “Crop Circle” pattern
• Build a Clinometer which you can use to measure heights of buildings, rugby posts 
• Try out the "Buffon's Needle" experiment and compare your results with your friends.

Congratulations on some terrific work! Take a look at just some of the amazing contributions!