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Advice from the 80s

Our Alumni from the 1980s offer words of wisdom

Aside from standing 2 metres apart and stay at home (of course) - what advice about school would you give to current students? 

Some of our Alumni have provided their words of wisdom... and a fond memory of their time at Eggar's.  You can view them all on our Alumni profiles page.

Here's a pick from the 80s.

Emma Giles (1988)

One piece of advice to give to a current student?
Truly believe school is the best time! Enjoy it all you can. Follow your heart with your subjects and be prepared that 90% of life won’t work out as expected, but that’s ok!

Fond memory?
Many memories, friends being the main ones! In fact I met up with an old school friend this weekend, was just like school again! Hanging around the netball courts and on the field at lunchtime!

Kevin Mepham (1985)

One piece of advice?                                                                                                                          Understanding technical subjects is easier if the theory can be translated into practical examples: if you don't understand why you need to know something, ask for a practical example of how it is used.

Fond memory?
School Musical: 'Oh What a Lovely War' where I played the Sergeant-Major.

Rebecca Stevens (1985)

One piece of advice?
Be curious and engage in deep inquiry rather than accept things at face value and challenge generally accepted 'truths'

Fond memory?
I have lots of fond memories including school plays ('Oh Its A Lovely War' and 'West Side Story' standout), German school exchanges, Duke of Edinburgh award, creating a video 

Andrea Dunlop (1987)

One piece of advice?
Try your best, be positive and organised. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Most of all enjoy your time at school and learning new things.

Fond memory?
Our school trip to France and the french exchange.

Photo of a 1980s computer by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash