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Move over Thomas Chippendale!

Furniture making club a big success!

Students can choose from a huge variety of after school clubs and activities through the Eggar’s Experience.  This year Mr Waite ran a furniture making club which although open to all year groups, attracted the most interest from Year 7 and 8s. 

Mr Waite explains, ‘Wooden structures can be built using several different methods.  Broadly speaking, these can be split into two types; frame and carcase construction.  This year students concentrated on frame construction.  They learned how to construct dowel joins as well as         mortise & tenon joints. 

After a few practices they were good to go.  I was amazed at both their enthusiasm and the quality of their work

After completing a group project of making a Rennie Mackintosh chair,  students split into smaller teams of twos and threes to design and create a table, using their newly acquired skills. 

Bill Barker in Year 8 took on the challenge of making a table on his own. 

Bill was very dedicated’, Mr Waite explains, ‘He would turn up every week without fail to work on his table.  It became a labour of love and he managed to complete it just in time to take home at the end of term.  It’s a beautiful piece of work and will last a lifetime.  I am really proud of Bill and all my young furniture makers this year