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Finding the next CEO of John Lewis!

Feeding Britain’s Future

Continuing with our commitment to help our students consider their future careers now, we welcomed 4 volunteer industry professionals to Eggar’s to present and talk to 34 Year 9 students.

They were part of an initiative set up by IGD. a research and training charity, which sits at the heart of the food and grocery industry. Called Feeding Britain’s Future, it is a programme of workshops for schools across the UK.  Volunteers from food and grocery companies come to share their insight and experience of working in this particular sector. 

We were lucky enough to have Lauren and Alex from Future First to coordinate our workshop. It was a great opportunity to give our students support and ideas about their future careers. 

The four industry professionals were

• Keith from the John Lewis Partnership

• Andy from KP Snacks 

• Paul from Premier Foods  

• Alison who is a technical director about to start with a company supporting food industries

Our students all engaged brilliantly with the presenters and asked some great questions, Including “what subject that you studied at school has been the most useful in your career?” and “Learning another language is pointless because so many people around the world speak English” AGREE or DISAGREE

There was some lively discussion!

The four industry professionals were keen to identify employability skills and their guidance has helped our Year 9s think about how to develop these skills. 

Was the next CEO of John Lewis among our 34 Year 9s?

Here's what some of our students thought of the morning:

The workshop started with us filling in a form about what we knew about jobs in the food industry.  We then listened to a presentation telling us about the many different jobs we may not have thought could involve food.

We then met 4 people who work in the industry, in a job interview set up. We were able to ask them questions about their jobs.  At the end of the workshop we did the questionnaire again.  This experience was good fun and has given us an insight into the many jobs in the food industry.  Megan Ewart, Anna Jakubowski and Sophie Cass

THANK YOU to Keith, Andy, Paul and Alison – our fab four - and to Future First for coordinating the morning. We will be scheduling more workshops like this in the future!