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Comms from the Prom Comm!

Fundraising in full swing for our leavers' prom ...

As the Prom Committee for 2019, we are tasked with raising as much money as possible to pay for the decorations and any other extras for our Leavers’ Prom on the 25 June at Froyle Park.

Throughout this academic year, we have therefore organised and carried out various fundraisers, including 2 cake sales, staff vs student netball, a hot chocolate sale, a sweet sale and a Year 11 mufti day. 

Our most successful fundraiser was the hot chocolate sale, which raised £167.86 over 2 days and was very welcome on cold December lunchtimes.

In total we have raised just over £700, a fantastic total! 

We’re excited to be sourcing and buying the decorations, including the flowers and balloons. And we can’t wait to celebrate at Froyle Park in June!

Prom Committee 2019:                                                                                                                                        Amelia McKenzie, Ruby Hall, Emily Pascoe, Ben Morgan and Ben Norman