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GB Hockey star inspires

A strong work ethic, determination and commitment from Hannah

As part of Aldi’s partnership with Team GB, we had a very special assembly on March 22.

The event focused on career and apprenticeship opportunities for school leavers. GB Hockey player and Olympic gold medal winner Hannah MacLeod was the guest of honour. She spoke of her career and of course that golden moment in Rio. Above all though she underlined the importance of a strong work ethic, determination and commitment in achieving her goals. It was something that not only clearly inspired her audience but also underlined the skills and characteristics required to succeed in the world of apprenticeship and work.

It was an absolute privilege to meet an Olympic athlete in assembly yesterday. Hearing Hannah’s story has inspired me to follow my own goals. Getting to hold an Olympic gold medal was truly special. That one piece of metal symbolises the amount of hard work, knock backs and high points that Hannah endured through her journey. It’s an occasion I will remember for a very long time.”     Anna Morris (9CH)

Kayley Habicht, Hannah MacLeod (GB Hockey),  Joseph Davis (Project Area Manager from Aldi) and Anna Morris