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Spotlight on ...

Oli Morgan and Josh Brindley, the AV Team!

We organise and run the AV (audio+visual) side of most event at Eggar's School which includes lighting, projection and sound. We got into this as Oli was friends with one of the previous lighting operators. He “trained us up” so when he left in 2015 we took over his responsibilities... and more.

The first thing we do to plan for any event is to sit down and decide on the targets for the first section of time. We always start with a custom made lighting plot and just make a few changes and adjustments until we make our final decision. This process is made easier by our joint knowledge of lighting and sound equipment.

Typically, in the days before the event, we set up all the equipment including the stage, lights, cables, any projectors we are using and the laptops, and do a basic system test.  We eliminate any “surface” problems such as anything not working or software updates.

It has been really rewarding and so enjoyable we have set up Blue Active Events, our own small event company based in the Alton area.  We offer services in Lighting, Sound and Video for concerts, festivals, parties, theatre and lots more!