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New Refectory underway

Modern answer to the traditional school dining hall

It has long been on Eggar’s wish list to have a new refectory at the school providing a clean, modern and bespoke environment for the students to enjoy their meals on site. Now the months of planning and fundraising are nearing an end.

Everyone has been amazed at just how quickly the new building has taken shape this term. It has been only a matter of weeks – from clearing an area on site to having the structure in place. In fact, the building itself was erected in only 11 days! The school was enormously lucky to secure a superb modular refectory, so not only were material costs kept down, its short construction time has limited the disruption to the school day and means it can open its doors to more than 850 hungry students that much quicker.

The refectory is already looking great and it will include a beautiful new modern and bespoke kitchen which runs the entire length along one side of the building. There will be two ‘mirror’ serving areas so students can get their food much quicker. They will also be able to have their pick from two salad bars – just part of the healthy approach to meals that the school encourages. 

Mr Sullivan said ‘This is a great addition to the school facilities. We are lucky to have 38 acres of space and excellent facilities already, but this addition is going to be fantastic for the school, and one I was determined we would have. The interior will have a range of different types of seating and we hope students can have some quality time eating, relaxing and enjoying the company of their friends during breaks. This, we believe, is an important part of the learning process and will really enhance the experience for students’.   

For those who want a mid-morning snack there will also be a satellite pod – a grab and go facility for speedy food delivery during break times.  The refectory will open its doors early in the New Year. 

Take a look at the refectory’s early construction in this time lapse video.