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Eggar's Press Club

Eggar's Goes Solar 

On Friday the 26th of January, we held an opening ceremony. Press Club attended and questioned the visitors about their jobs and experiences. Eggar’s Press Club had the pleasure of interviewing councillors from East Hampshire District Council and the ACAN network. We had a productive meeting and accomplished our task which was to find out what makes their role interesting.

Some of our favourite responses included one from Cllr Brown:

"My daughter said to me that my job is saving the world."

Cllr Mocatta said: "The recycling facility centre that we have here in Alton is quite bad, we all want to recycle more, countries like Germany and the Netherlands are good at recycling."

Cllr Brown said, "The best thing I’ve done in the past six months is come here to Eggar's and meet you all."

Eggar’s Press Club learned all about our environment and how important it is that we take steps to preserve it and help improve its current state. It makes us even more passionate to make sure that our school takes the necessary precautions to fulfil this duty.