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Testimonials/student profiles

Willow Taylor

What is your happiest memory of starting at Eggar’s? The first day was my best memory - when I met everyone. I was at Binsted Primary and only a couple of other students came from there; but I made loads of new friends as soon as I started at Eggar’s.

What do you like most about Eggar’s?
The drama department because I love acting, and I love being dramatic! I was so excited that there was a drama dept; it feels a part of me.

Favourite subjects?
All the arts! Drama, art and music.

What are you looking forward to the most as you enter your GCSEs?
To get creative and get good exam results. I want a successful life in the arts.

What do you want to do after Eggar’s
I’d like to go to a top drama college and learn how to become a really great actress.

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