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Great Works of Eggar's Art

A gallery of amazing work from Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11 students

Here is a really impressive display of Eggar's art produced by our students over the first weeks of the winter term.

Year 7 have been looking at Van Gogh and writing about his life and work as well as trying out many different types of media.   They have worked in pencil, colour and fine liners as well as creating oil pastel prints... and all within the confines of the Maths Block!

Year 9 have started a project on 'Natural Forms'. So far they have been painting and drawing textural and tonal images from life and from close up photographs. They have also created some Sgraffito work using Indian ink painted over oil pastel drawings, which is then scratched into.

Year 11 are working on a new project entitled 'Identity'.  They have started to explore the theme and have looked at artists whose work connects to Identity as well as looking at what identity means to them.