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Introducing ...

Mr Morrish: Curriculum Leader, English

Continuing our series on new members of staff, here is Mr Morrish:

• When did you start at Eggar's? 
June 1 - a strange time to start in normal times, let alone during the current situation! I'd wanted to see my Year 11 classes through to their exams in my previous school, which turned out to be rather ironic. 

• Where did you teach before? ​
For nearly 14 years at All Hallows Catholic School in Farnham and before that at Yateley School.

• First memory of teaching? ​
During my first ever A level lesson during teacher training I sat on a chair which had a broken leg.
I was so nervous I didn't say anything and just sat, balancing carefully. But then I started to relax and forgot about the state of the chair.  I leaned forward to ask one of the sixth formers a question, the chair broke and I disappeared under the desk! When I surfaced, the students were looking quite shocked; I was very embarrassed! 

• First impression of Eggar's? ​
Everyone's been really friendly and welcoming, which has been lovely.

• What's the best thing about teaching? ​
Making a difference.

• If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why?
 ​I asked my daughter this. She said an oak tree - I'm not gnarly and old apparently - but I am 'full of wisdom', flexible and dependable...

• Favourite car? ​
My first car was an Austin Metro: by any standard it was a bit rubbish  and frequently broke down, but I absolutely loved it. It never left me stranded anywhere and had a real personality. It had a massive steering wheel that made you feel like you were driving a bus. The speedo needle wobbled constantly, so you never knew quite what speed you were actually doing. My younger sister wrote the car off a week after passing her test. 

​• What do you enjoy doing outside of school?
Three years ago, I started running to try and get fit, and have now well and truly got the bug. Last year I ran five marathons and have three more booked this year. 
I also enjoy playing guitar and writing songs.