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Rap of the Month

English home learning task for Year 8  produces some amazing work

There have been some really creative pieces of work produced as a result of home learning tasks this week. Phoebe T (8MSP) wrote the brilliant rap below after learning about the language devices  a rapper would use. It underlined the fact that raps are really just another form of poetry and this is a real gem!

The Mountain
I look up
All I see is the sky
What a dreamy blue
Is the sky

I look forward
All I see is the rock
What a hard texture
Is the rock

I look down
All I see is the canopy of the trees
What a deep green
Are the trees

I close my eyes
All I see is the darkness
What a scary black
Is the darkness

I open my eyes
Wonder overtakes me
I have arrived
At the top.


Photo: Sujoy Dutta from Unsplash