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Welcome to the Geography Department: Curriculum Information 2018 - 2019

Chris Rowe

Head of Geography

The Team:       

Mrs Davey                    Teacher of Geography 
Miss Hopkins              Teacher of Geography
Mr Reah                        Teacher of Geography



Introduction to the Department:

In the Geography Department we aim to give students the skills to explore and participate in their world. We want to challenge students, and develop their abilities to investigate and to question the world around them.  Our curriculum seeks to inspire and engage students, and to promote a love of learning and ability to enquire and analyse the interactions between people and the Earth.  Our vision is that students will grow as independent learners with a geographical toolkit that will ensure they are inquisitive, literate, technologically astute, numeracy confident, and active global citizens.

Key Stage 3 Information:

In Key Stage 3 we are constantly developing our curriculum to make it dynamic and relevant to the students we teach.  We investigate many diverse topics in order to inspire and engage students with the world at their doorstep and internationally. Students will follow an enquiry based curriculum that aims to develop a range of skills including map skills, field work, investigative and critical literacy, collaboration, independence and data analysis.


Term 1 (Autumn)

Term 2 (Spring)

Term 3 (Summer)

Year 7

Amazing places; Map skills, travel and tourism, tectonics

Wet, wet, wet; coastal geography, sustainability and Hurricanes

Welcome to the jungle; rainforests!

Year 8

Moving stories; global migration – Trump and his wall!

Restless earth; tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami. 

Crime; Piracy and environmental

The geography of disease; Ebola, malaria, HIV/AIDS.


Key Stage 4 Information:

Students begin GCSE Geography in Year 9.



Term 1 (Autumn)

Term 2 (Spring)

Term 3 (Summer)

Year 9

Population and development

Fieldwork prep and write up, Practice pre-release GCSE

Hot desert Ecosystems

Year 10

UK physical landscapes, rivers and coasts

Urban issues and challenges

Rainforest ecosystems


Year 11

Changing economic world

The challenge of natural disasters

The challenge of resource management and pre-release.

+ Fieldwork

This GCSE is assessed at the end of the course under the new specification rules, with three terminal papers worth 35%, 35% and 30% respectively. There is no controlled assessment, however, fieldwork will still be conducted, practised and internally assessed via projects in preparation for the final examinations.

Examination Board used:

We follow the AQA exam specification. This is a balanced GCSE of human & physical Geography.