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Eggar's Experience: Additional Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The Eggar's Experience is a unique ten-point challenge designed to give our students the opportunity to show and develop their abilities, talents and skills, complementing their academic work.  It gives them the chance to record the significant moments in their lives, both inside and outside school.  We believe it is an excellent opportunity for all students to broaden their experiences, learn new and important skills and grow as a person.  

The Eggar's Experience e-portolio is based in the cloud on Office 365.  It allows students to access and personalise their portfolio with their own personal login, updating it as they attempt to complete the challenges.  

In particular we would like to highlight Challenge 4: Join the Club.  We believe this has the potential to enrich the experience of all our students through extra-curricular activities.  Staff run after school clubs throughout the year across a wide variety of topics - from photography to pet therapy, from  beginners Spanish to girls' rugby - developing our students' skills to be an active citizen in today's world.