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Future-focused learning that empowers your child

The online learning platform that gives 10-14 year olds the skills and belief to change the world.  

What’s included on the platform?

8billionideas includes everything children and young people need to master transferable skills and explore new learning opportunities that aren't always covered in school curriculums.

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Live Online Experiences

Our virtual Experiences get your child to engaging in fun, thought-provoking activities and workshops, facilitated by our certified Mentors.

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Self-paced courses

Our Courses enable your child to dive into their passions through self paced learning, and guided activities.

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Bite-sized Videos

Our Videos are made entirely in-house. Your child can dip into new skills, new ideas, and new passions through our fun, bitesized videos.

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Instant Mentoring

Our certified and trained Mentors are available at the click of a button to provide feedback, support your child's learning and development.

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